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Museal Objects


In addition to the Center for Spirituality and the Tabor Church in the complex, there is:
• The Cabrininian Museum
• The "Sacred Heart" House, residence of the Older Sisters
• The "Assisted Living Residence"
The main activity of the Center is to welcome groups, young people, and adults who for various reasons are housed in the center of Spirituality. In addition to places of worship and assembly, youth here have access to the garden, especially from spring to fall, when they can get together in groups to reflect, study, or have a snack. Adults: Priests, Sisters, or families can find spaces reserved for reflection and other activities for which they came, and they can also visit the museum, pray before the Heart of St. Frances Cabrini, or reflect in the various chapels. There is always some Religious figure at the Center willing to explain the historical and charismatic significance of the House, or to give other information to foreigners who reach the Center in pilgrimage. The reception staff is courteous and prepared for any needs and always ready to guide individuals and groups in the family spirit, an important feature of the Cabrini spirit.

Retreats and Spiritual Exercises
Prayer, silence, and meditation are guaranteed to groups or individuals that reach the St. Frances Cabrini Spirituality Center on Retreats or for Spiritual Exercises. During these activities, other recreational and cultural activities are suspended, as they can disturb the retreatants. There are two chapels for prayer: one at the Center and one at the Adoration, but the Church of Tabor can also be opened for those wishing to pray before the relic of the Heart of Mother Cabrini. If requested, the Chapels are also kept open during the night.

Groups of children of all ages can be hosted during the summer to spend their free time at the Center while their parents are busy with work. Such groups are properly coordinated by specialized personnel and are under close supervision. If the groups are very diverse, the proper autonomy of each is guaranteed in order to avoid unpleasant interferences and, in general, the groups are hosted with rigidly organized times, spaces, and schedules. The garden is maintained and made available for such activities.

Meetings and National Days
Both during the week and on weekends, meetings of study, reflection, religious confrontation, cultural, and scientific groups are held. Such groups can occupy requested rooms and if they are small groups, they can meet in the same room without disturbing each other, alternating their presence both in the halls and in the Chapels or dining rooms. Such groups can take advantage of three Multimedia Halls: two in the Spirituality Center and one at the RSA with the possibility to show projections, films, and visual material with working tables, and - if previously agreed - suitable connections to the Internet and so on.

International Meetings
The Center is also authorized to accommodate groups of various languages who use the center for night hospitality and breakfast or for conferences that require longer stays and want to reach other cities and relatively nearby destinations with packed lunches prepared by the cafeteria service of the Center itself. In the case of Conventions, you may utilize the Multimedia Room of the RSA (Assisted Living Residence) where it is also possible to install a system for simultaneous translation or make arrangements with professionally trained interpreters. The center itself can take care of arranging plans and safe transportation, including pricing, as long as previously agreed by e-mail, fax, or telephone.

As it is the first House founded by St. Frances Cabrini, it very frequently hosts national and international Pilgrimages. In this case, beyond the friendly reception offered to all groups, the Center trys to facilitate the lifestyle and food requests of every group. There is also always a guide available to accompany a visit to the Cabrini Museum as well as the Museum of the Birthplace of St. Frances Cabrini, located in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, and other places related to the life of Mother Cabrini. Therefore it is possible to book a visit, lunch, and relative transportation to nearby places of interest for the group. Consider the proximity of Piacenza, where you can visit the Museum of Blessed Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, or other Saints' pilgrimages... or you can visit art cities such as Cremona, Ravenna, Florence, Venice, and Milan, which are easily accessible a few hours. Pleasant places like the lakes area or nearby Switzerland are easily accessible as well, and with proper organization, they can be very pleasant destinations.

The Spirituality Center offers:
- N. 20 Single rooms *
- N. 10 Double rooms *
- N. 2 Triple Rooms *
It also has 4 small apartments with kitchen
- 1 Large Hall for 80/100 people, with projection equipment
- 1 Conference Room for 50 people
- 1 Studio/TV Room
- 1 Dining room for 60/80 people
- 1 Dining room for 20 people
- 1 large Church (Tabor)
- 1 Chapel for 50 people
- 1 Chapel for Adoration
- 1 Large garden
- 1 parking area
- 1 Permanent Exhibit of the painter A. Beltrami (at the RSA)
In some spacious rooms, it is possible to have up to 64 beds. All rooms have bathrooms and air conditioning.

Association "Missione Cabriniana Oggi"
Association "Missione Cabriniana Oggi" supports some projects of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Following a brief informative video. For detailed information you can visit